follow up on 'annoying'

This document comes to us by way of Dr. Jonathan E. Peelle from Washington University in St. Louis.  Dr. Peelle writes:

please print, sign, and return to me via fax

The 'fax' component is my favorite add-on. Look at this masterful underscoring.

View the document here.



When people who don't understand computers create documents in MS Word with fields using the underscore _________ --    Then they ask you (i.e., force you) to fill it out, and the underscore moves.   "Just print, sign, scan, and send back to me" --- That's equally annoying.  

I guess in the grand scheme of problems in the world these aren't that big of a deal. Maybe I'm just in a horrible mood?   Oh yeah... and Lord of the Rings... that sucked big time, both the books and the movies.  Yes, I said it. Feel free to comment here__________. 

Many Jamie Reillys -- all of them a hell of a lot more interesting than me.

In the midst of Googling myself, I discovered that there is a NASA astronaut with my name. The manager of Cirque du Soleil is also named Jamie Reilly (see below).  I must say that these two individuals have led far more interesting lives than me. If I could amend Ms. Reilly's quote below and adapt to my own situation, it would have to read, "I realize that I work somewhere where I do exactly the same thing every day."  Of course I am prone to hyperbole, but still... come on...


Talk at Lehigh University tomorrow -- derailed by House of Cards.  This season is terrible, but I can't stop watching. Hour after hour I keep telling myself I'll get to prepping. Now it's time to pay the fiddler.  I sense an all-nighter in the works tonight.


My classical music Spotify station through no fault of my own cycled onto the Lord of the Rings theme song right when a student walked into my office.  Volume was up. Awful.