Years of toil.... 2 recently accepted manuscripts

These two manuscripts nearly killed me, but I am pleased to report they are both "in press" at the journal, Cognitive Science..... Be on the lookout for:

1.     Reilly J, *Hung J, & Westbury C (in press). From word form to word meaning: Listener sensitivity to formal markers of word concreteness across seven natural languages. Cognitive Science.

2.     Primativo S, Reilly J, & Crutch SJ (in press). Abstract conceptual feature ratings predict gaze within written word arrays: evidence from a visual wor(l)d paradigm. Cognitive Science.



Kudos to our film consultant, Brian McDermott

Our film consultant, Brian McDermott, MFA, MSW, was just invited to present his own original documentary film (Language Healers) at the CoLang conference held at the University of Texas Arlington. Here's Brian waxing philosophical in front of a crowd of bloodthirsty linguists. 

Language Healers is an amazing documentary focused on language revitalization efforts among several Native American tribes. Language Healers has been making the rounds on the international film festival circuit for the last year. Brian's been killing it!  

Neurobiology of Language Conference: Huzzah for Amanda Garcia

Our PhD student, Amanda Garcia, had a paper accepted to the NLC conference in Amsterdam. This was fascinating work examining lexical acquisition and lexical access for words acquired at different points across the lifespan (e.g., learning object names and proper nouns like slinky, flashdrive, 8-track, Elvis and Katy Perry).  Amanda also won one of the society's coveted travel fellowships.  She's an awesome scholar, and we could not be more proud. Go Amanda!