My first woodturning experience... spindle & green bowl

I took a 2-day woodturning class in June 2019 at Philadelphia Woodworks. The teacher (Ed) was amazing, and the experience was thrilling. I learned the basics of how to use a wood lathe to create spindles, plates, and bowls. Here’s one of the spindles I made from a rectangular blank of poplar. I did this using mostly a roughing gouge to get the blank round and then a spindle gouge to do the detailing. Since this was the first thing I ever turned, it’s fairly grotty. There are lots of catch marks and other ugliness, but my son likes it (it’s his now). During the same class I turned my first ever bowl from a green log of god-knows-what. It’s nasty. I made it even uglier by trying to stain it darker rather than just sticking it on a shelf and letting it dry out for a few months. I also made a plate during this class, but it fell off the lathe and cracked in half.