first attempt at epoxy resin on an inlaid rim

I had an idea is to create an inlaid rim on a bowl and fill the channel with orange/amber colored resin with bugs in it Jurassic Park style. I’ve never worked with resin before though, so I thought I would try a prototype first. My plan was to drill “portholes” in the bottom of the rim so that light would come up through the resin. I started with a mahogany blank. Then I poured the resin after mixing in red pepper flakes and red and yellow dyes as a trial run for dead bugs.. I taped around the rim and the bottom of the portholes so that the resin didn’t migrate all over the place. Then I poured the resin and let is set for 48 hours before re-turning the bowl.

That plan didn’t work at all. The rim was super cloudy, chipped, and cracked. The portholes also look terrible. A big fat fail!