a milliput bowl -- a big fat fail

Milliput is some neat stuff. It’s a clay epoxy. I’m working here on using the milliput to create a two-tone inlaid rim on a shallow mahogany bowl. Here are some pics of the process. I turned it rough and cut a groove. I packed the groove with terra cotta colored milliput and let set for 72 hours. Then I turned off the mulliput on the sides of the ring and cut two channels. I cut a bunch of notches in the milliput and then packed it with a new layer of white milliput making sure I filled all the notches and grooves. It looks like a frosted donut that would kill you if you ate it. I cut the crap out of myself multiple times and ended up turning off too much of the milliput when I reached the “reveal” stage. As such, I ended up with an ugly bowl which I’ll probably pawn off to my lab as a paper clip holder. Next time, i need a much finer dremel bit and the red channel needs to be deeper and wider.