Settling a debate about Buffalo Wings

I was once involved in a heated debate with my former lab manager, David Biun, about the nature of a Buffalo Wing.  Namely, what part of the chicken does a Buffalo Wing come from?   This debate was conducted almost entirely through Aristotelian logic.  That is, neither one of us could muster the strength just to Google it.  About three years ago, Dave and I generated our own theories about what a Buffalo Wing is, and that was the end of it.  Earlier today I was chatting with a "friend" and the subject of Buffalo Wings came up.  I explained that a Buffalo Wing was not part of a traditional wing, but that it was instead something like a small vestigial appendage similar to those funky little hands of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Well, this person found my explanation implausible and promptly Googled "Buffalo Wings". 

It turns out that chickens don't have tiny vestigial hands as I suspected they do. Buffalo Wings are instead the section of the chicken wing between the shoulder and the elbow.  My initial impulse was to simply lie and pretend I was joking.  After all, I normally lie to this particular person with impunity. However, I will take the high road instead and admit that for the last three years I believed that chickens had tiny, hidden hands.