Summer Neurolinguistics Internships in the Lab

In 2015 we established a summer internship program for students interested in gaining experience with psycholinguistics, brain stimulation, neurorehabilitation, and eyetracking.  Our original internship cohort included only students from the region. This soon changed. Many interns now travel to Philadelphia from various exotic locales (e.g., Germany, Korea). Most of these summer transplants arrange summer apartment sublets nearby.

 Our summer interns perform complex 'hands on' tasks.  We start with a group eyetracking project and then split into smaller groups investigating specific subtopics (e.g., encyclopedic knowledge, symbols representation). If you like to tinker and your thinking trends toward the abstract, this might be the program for you.  Here's what we are looking for: 

  • Can commit >16 hrs a week to working in the lab from June though mid-August.
  • Programming and/or statistical expertise (a big plus) - we use R, Python, and Matlab
  • Detail-oriented and self-directed learning style - can tolerate uncertainty without freaking out.
  • Previous cognitive neuroscience, linguistics, or speech-language pathology coursework

Students need not be Temple University undergraduates. Except in rare instances (e.g., students hired to work on a particular grant), this is an unpaid internship. We hope to send you on your way with a publishable paper and letter of support for graduate school. If you are interested in joining us for a summer internship, please contact Dr. Reilly ( Please include a resume and a brief description of your interests.