Temple University R User Group

We are holding a workgroup for late beginner and early intermediate users of the R statistical program.  

november 3, 2017 - resurrected version of the workgroup

Data (CSV file) from today download here.  Download the annotated R-Script here.

November 20, 2015  

Play data for first session...  Playdat.csv.   R-script for the first session here.

December 4, 2015

Data for second session (outliers and naming)   names.csv R-script for the second session (heavy on the if/else function) hereR-markdown file courtesy of the great Adam Davey here

january 18, 2016

R-script, histograms, correlations, sorting, absolute values, scatterplots w/ text labels  here

march 18, 2016

R markdown file from Adam Davey's very nice tutorial, including instruction on knitting, running linear mixed models, and checking data assumptions from Edwin Maas' complex dataset. Markdown file here.