Consulting Services

Dr. Reilly is a licensed speech-language pathologist with expertise in the assessment and treatment of cognitive communication disorders in aging and brain injury. He is also an experienced author and reviewer with research training is in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.   Dr. Reilly is available to assist with the following:

Clinical Assessment & treatment of Communication disorders in Dementia & Progressive Aphasia

  • Patient and caregiver consultations

  • Institutional presentations (neurorehabilitation settings)

R statistical software

  • Figure design / plotting (for samples click here)

  • R scripting and statistical model development

  • Translating your scripts to RMarkdown

EPrime Programming

  • Eprime scripting

scientific manuscript & grant editing

  • English language editing

  • Presubmission peer review

kitchen & bathroom repair

  • see photo for sample of recent work



Jamie Reilly, Ph.D.

1701 N. 13th Street, Weiss Hall, Room 110

Temple University

Philadelphia PA 19122