Cursing paper accepted at Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

It’s on! Be on the lookout for the f^%ing amazing paper:

Reilly J, Kelly A, Zuckerman B, *Twigg P, *Wells M, *Jobson K, & *Flurie M (in press). Building the perfect curse word:  A psycholinguistic investigation of the form and meaning of taboo words. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Congratulations to our student co-authors, Missy Wells, Katie Jobson, & Max Flurie!!!

Allie Kelly is also off to PhD land

Our lab manager has been accepted to the PhD program in Cognitive Psychology at Drexel University! Allie will be working with my good friend and intellectual idol, Dr. Lila Chrysikou. Congratulations to Allie. I hope you know what you’re getting into!

Molly Ungrady is off to PhD land

Congratulations to Molly Ungrady!!! Our stalwart clinical technician and treatment administrator extraordinaire has been accepted to the Ph.D. program in Neuropsychology at Temple. She’ll be working with the amazing Dr. Tania Giovannetti.

New R How-To Series

Visit our new R.How webpages for information on specific topics related to R statistical programming.  These pages cover some of the thornier topics we have faced in our working group at Temple University.  Feel free to suggest any content additions. 

NIH R01 Project Grant Renewed for 5 Years

Five more years!  I am thrilled to report that our language treatment grant DC013063 has been renewed from 2019-2024.   I was so stressed out that I was eating crisco right out of the jar.  Thanks to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

What?! A new paper in Brain and Language

Yes it's true!  We just published a tDCS and eyetracking study in Brain and Language.  They said it couldn't be done.  Actually, nobody would ever say that it couldn't be done. Anyone with the peculiar motivation to shock someone's brain, ask them to name a picture, and then film where their eyes go could publish this paper. Be on the lookout for this creative gem led by Drs. Richard Binney and Sameer Ashaie: 

Binney RJ, Ashaie SA, Zuckerman BM, Hung J, & Reilly J (2018). A combined neurostimulation and eyetracking investigation of semantically-guided visual search in confrontation naming. Brain & Language.



Neuropsychologia paper out and about town

Congratulations to Drs. Richard Binney and Sameer Ashaie and all of the other nameless, faceless co-authors on our tDCS paper:

Binney RJ, Ashaie SA, Zuckerman BM, Hung J, & Reilly J (in press). Cathodal tDCS of the bilateral anterior temporal lobes facilitates semantically-driven verbal fluency. Neuropsychologia

Yes!  cathodal stimulation of the ATL was facilitative in verbal fluency.  Alert the press! 


Elizabeth Stangl's poster accepted to ASHA 2017

Congratulations to Elizabeth Stangl on the acceptance of her poster to the 2017 American Speech Language Hearing Association Annual Conference in LA!  The poster is titled:

Assessing Mindfulness Among Undergraduate & Graduate Speech Language Pathology Students & its Clinical Implications