Lab Policies

  1. Check your email daily. Respond to lab-related emails within one business day.
  2. Enter your schedule on the lab calendar within two weeks of starting with us.
  3. You must be physically present during your scheduled time. >3 absences without notice or explanation will earn you the boot. 
  4. Volunteers dedicate at least 6 hrs/wk in the lab.  
  5. Always lock doors and equipment cabinets. The lab should never be left unoccupied even for a bathroom pitstop.
  6. Keep your workstation clean and clutter free. 
  7. Supply a photo and bio for the website as soon as possible. 
  8. Never leave data on your local hard drive. Move all data to the server. 
  9. Participant data must be kept on an encrypted partition on the server (ReillyLab) with hard copies of consents in the large file cabinet in RA999. The file cabinet must be locked at all times.
  10. There is a 3-month probationary period for new volunteers. If you are an exceptional performer, we will invite you to join us.
  11. Attend lab meetings. 
  12. Maintain a lab notebook and keep detailed notes on all of your projects. 
  13. Complete the essential skills assignments and trainings. 
  14. Each lab member will complete a 10-15 minute presentation on the topic of their choice related to ongoing projects in the lab once a year.
  15. Complete online HIPPA and Human Subjects Research training modules within the first two weeks in the lab. 
Lab Staff/Volunteer/Student Name *
Lab Staff/Volunteer/Student Name
I have read these policies and procedures and agree to follow them to the best of my ability. I will protect the confidentiality of the lab and contribute to its scientific mission.